Our Vision

To enable the prosperity of Africans from all walks of life in our lifetime.

Our Mission

To mobilise impact-driven Africans to lead the sustainable development of Africa.

To leverage private sector vehicles and resources to accelerate the pace of sustainable development.

Our Values


What differentiates us

Africans for Africa is an all-African driven Social Impact Investment Fund to generate investments that will accelerate the pace of sustainable development.

A4A is built on these underlying principles and ethics, which inform, direct and fuel how we seek to make a catalytic impact.


  • We deliver value to the communities we serve, while setting an example of what is possible
  • We co-design solutions for impact
  • We establish best-in-class control mechanisms to ensure sustainability


  • We are raising $1 Billion for catalytic interventions on the African continent that will turn hope into tangible socioeconomic transformation
  • We generate supplemental outcomes based on existing partner portfolio in Africa


  • We are building a center of innovation where ideas can be tested and deployed across the continent
  • We provide subject matter expertise on solving Africa's most pressing community challenges

Focus Areas

Underpinning A4A’s approach to Africa’s transformation is our focus on HEALTH, EDUCATION and ECONOMIC INCLUSION. Without addressing these fundamental blockages we cannot unlock our potential and ensure the longevity, success and opportunities of all Africans. It is a ground-up approach central to A4A.


Helping to build scalable, affordable and sustainable health systems across the continent.


Driving foundational change at the very core of the education system to equip communities with a world-class education.

Economic Inclusion

Creating and enabling inclusive access of Africans into the mainstream of the African economy.

A4A In Action

The key to enabling prosperity and creating a thriving Africa for all Africans is leveraging the power of impactful collaborations. Working together through collaborative and committed partnerships is the only way meaningful and sustainable transformations can be affected across the continent.

A4A is driving a continent-wide transformation agenda with purpose and with urgency, by bringing all key stakeholders together.

A4A has created a transparent and forward-looking strategy, which funnels the financial inputs from the private sector, and all other stakeholders into grants and impact investment vehicles which, in turn, is directed to the identified focus areas.

In Action

A4A Collaborators

An effective African-led resource mobilisation model is at the core of the A4A approach. Without the combined and coordinated efforts of the private sector, philanthropic Africans and development partners, the impetus and financial strength needed to drive sustainable change across Africa’s 55 countries will not be achieved.

The cornerstone of A4A’s fundraising with partners and collaborators lies in having identified the following four categories of investors who make a difference:


Private Resources, Operating Model and Financial Contribution

Multinational corporations continue to push into many African countries and are doing business in or with Africa, while actively seeking ways in which to make a difference in the countries in which they are invested. Increasingly among these cross-border organisations are home-grown African companies.


Leadership Collaboration, Endorsement, Resources and Financial Contribution

The number of ultra-wealthy Africans is expected to outpace growth in Europe and North America in the next decade, according to the latest Knight Frank 2017 Wealth Report. While invested both emotionally and financially in the continent many of these wealthy Africans are resident either abroad or globally; however, they continue to look for ways in which to make a meaningful contribution to Africa. As such, recognized and formalized vehicles for giving back are of value to these individuals.


Collaboration, Advocacy and Financial Contribution (outright matching and co-investment)

Employees of the Africa Private Sector, by definition "ARE" the communities in Africa.

Therefore, individuals in the employ of African private sector companies are equally invested in developing the communities we all represent. This is being achieved through the notion of giving back, as driven through corporate CSI and CSR programmes and initiatives, including advocacy work.

Working with companies, A4A mobilises and customises giving and investing options to allow each individual to make a contribution.


Collaboration, Advisory, Advocacy and Financial Contribution

Development advisor, advocate and financial contributor (outright, matching and co-investment)

Partnering with global and regional initiatives with the resources to fund meaningful change focused on making an imprint in health, education and economic inclusion.


The nature of what we do at A4A, and the contributions and inputs of all ourstakeholders, both large and small, is governed by, strong governance, transparency, and accountability. Our operational model, designed around a private sector moderating model ensures processes that result in efficiency and impact.

Supported by a lean and transparent organisational structure, A4A is governed by a best in class approach led by a Board of Trustees, the founding partners and an International Advisory Board.

A4A continues to:

  • Ensure that the A4A Operating Structure is aligned to best practice.
  • Ensure that there is a clear reporting line to the A4A Board of Trustees.
  • Create a centralized structure with clear ownership and coordination responsibilities.
  • Ensure clear accountability to all stakeholders, by embedding a structured and well documented governance process, encompassing:
    • Board governance
    • Structured and documented processes
    • Financial management structure and set up
    • Audited financials
    • Accountability of programmes
    • Transparency regarding the selection criteria for projects.
  • Structure A4A's Financial Management Model for transparency and accountability.



The work A4A is supported by an integrated communication campaign, publications and sharing of best practices in social entrepreneurship with sustained high impact within our focus areas.